Our 1-2-1 coaching programmes deliver extraordinary results.

Achieved through building trust whilst both challenging and supporting our clients. The sessions hold each participant to account on their journey to their personally selected outcome. Our coaches focus on the individual in front of them and often go out of their way to ensure a successful outcome.

They deliver a clear bespoke plan with perspective and purpose and motivate individuals to overcome any set-backs in achieving their desired outcome. We often receive feedback stating; “this was the first time I have attended a programme that focused on me”.

Why choose our programmes?

  • A series of 1-2-1 coaching sessions Motiv-8 offers a series of intensive one to one sessions that are highly impactful. We have a proven track record of success and our coaching techniques allow us to succeed where others have not been successful. For those hardest to reach or dealing with long term embedded barriers and issues these sessions provide the necessary support and framework to help customers vision a future for them that is attainable and achievable.
  • Our coaches Our performance coaches are highly skilled in this sector and offer a supported and trusting environment where customers feel safe and empowered. The coach becomes a single point of contact to ensure the relationship is ongoing and one that encourages continued engagement from beginning to end. They liaise with employer engagement coaches, signpost to other services where necessary and keep stakeholders fully informed of progress.
  • Employer engagement As customers progress through their coaching sessions they are designing and building their own action plans, stating their desired goals and outcomes. Whilst this picture is developing we are working and engaging with potential employers and work experience providers. The individual emerges with a clear plan and has the confidence and skills to start applying and attending interviews. We work closely with employers so they get to know Motiv-8 and realise that we are signposting individuals to jobs where they have a stated interest and are fully motivated towards the job.

We’re proud of our success

86%Of our clients have progressed into employment, further education or training on completion of our group programmes.
77%Of our clients have progressed into employment, further education or training on completion of our one to one programmes.
100%Of our staff are experienced, fully qualified teachers and coach-mentors with DBS clearance.
110%Is what we give in terms of support, guidance and coaching to unlock a person’s true potential to help them achieve their goals.