The challenge

Spencer Underwood joined Motiv-8sw in March 2022, a programme supporting 18-24 year olds in Cornwall looking for employment, training and further education. The Compass programme is funded by European Social Funded and managed and supported by CSW Group.

Spencer is on the autistic spectrum and struggles with new people, situations, resilience, and self-confidence. He had previously experienced some issues working with professionals in the past and developing his trust was crucial to his progression. Spencer is a very practical young man, has a driving licence and his own car, and a keen interest in vehicles of all kinds. Prior to joining the programme, Spencer had applied to several apprenticeship schemes without success. He maintained his very clear idea of what he wanted to achieve by joining the programme; to secure an apprenticeship and obtain industry recognised qualifications in vehicle maintenance and follow his passion!

What we did

During the period of March-June 2022 Spencer worked closely with his Motiv-8sw Coach to develop his self-confidence and belief, both personally and with the agencies available to support him.  With intensive, focused support from his Coach, Spencer developed his resilience, self-belief and confidence. Motiv-8 helped him to produce a great CV that showcased his skills and he started to apply for jobs. But after applying for another apprenticeship and successfully securing an interview his confidence was rocked when his application was unsuccessful. Spencer was starting to believe that it wouldn’t happen for him. His Coach worked with him to prepare for interviews, researching the companies he applied to, anticipating, and preparing interview questions and rehearsing them to hone his presentation. His Coach liaised with the companies to alert them to his specific circumstances and supported him throughout the online process. At one stage, Spencer thought he had failed based on the results and was on the verge of giving up but differences in their assessment markings was the issue!

The outcome

Spencer implemented the advice and support provided by his Coach and applied for a Vehicle Maintenance apprenticeship with Vospers, Truro. After 3 online tests in Maths, English and Mechanics, he was given his interview slot and secured the apprenticeship. In addition, Vospers were so impressed with Spencer that they asked him for any referrals from friends who expressed a similar level of commitment. A particular friend came to mind and is now in the process of applying for a role with Vospers, with Spencer providing valuable peer-to-peer support throughout the process.

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We’re proud of our success

86%Of our clients have progressed into employment, further education or training on completion of our group programmes.
77%Of our clients have progressed into employment, further education or training on completion of our one to one programmes.
100%Of our staff are experienced, fully qualified teachers and coach-mentors with DBS clearance.
110%Is what we give in terms of support, guidance and coaching to unlock a person’s true potential to help them achieve their goals.