The challenge

With a previous offending background linked to intent to supply class A and class C drugs, RR found it difficult to break his offending patterns and remain financially stable without the illegal sales. RR had previously been assigned to a variety of programmes where he was offered support in constructing documents such as CV writing, Disclosure letter and Covering letters. RR explained none of this had ever happened and with his appearance in court looming he was hoping to turn his life around and avoid a prison sentence by proving his willingness to deflect from deviant behaviour and obtain employment to support him financially.

What we did

RR had a couple of issues with communication and often failed to attend, this was due to the lack of trust and a feeling of pointlessness, as he’d worked with multiple programmes before. We continued to look at ways to capture his interest in the work we provide and decided to change the coach to target his needs specifically. This was a positive change as RR began engaging regularly and we completed all of his documentation including CV, Cover letters and Disclosure letter.

RR was extremely keen to get into fitness and sports and to make a career out of being a sport coach or fitness instructor. RR spent a lot of time working on his mindset, discussing, and researching a variety of options to make his dream and goals a success.

The outcome

The sessions with his coach have given RR the confidence to apply for a BTEC National Diploma in Sports and Fitness in Slough College and he is anxiously awaiting a reply. He has also recently applied to become a Sports coach for an academy close to the college so he can get work experience and start planning his career around this fantastic move.

RR progressed incredibly from when we first met him and remains positive about obtaining employment. Our Motiv-8 coach wrote a character reference which was submitted to the court as evidence of RR’s engagement and hard work, this supported the court ruling for RR allowing him to avoid a custodial sentence, which resulted in RR attending college and working towards achieving his career goals.

We all wish RR the very best of luck and feel very positive that he will succeed in fully realising his goals and ambitions.

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We’re proud of our success

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