The challenge

Pat had been out of work for many years and subsequently lacked self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. This had also been negatively impacted by her having to deal with a serious health condition. She was referred to the Torbay “Ready for Work” programme funded by Torbay Council and managed and supported by TDA.

It quickly became very evident that Pat needed to identify and understand the barriers and limiting beliefs that were preventing her from having the confidence to apply for jobs. Part of this process was getting Pat to realise that her environment also had a significant impact on her mindset and often led to feelings of negativity and self-doubt.

What we did

Pat started her coaching sessions and spent time identifying the types of jobs she felt suited her as an individual. Her most favoured sectors were jobs where she could use her skills in roles that included administration, counselling, coaching and Information, Advice and Guidance.

To help Pat’s confidence we reviewed jobs around each of these areas and helped her to identify existing and transferable skills for each profile. We worked on changing her mindset to look more positively at what she could do, not what she could not do. She found this a very useful exercise and it enabled Pat to focus her search and her own self-development on roles around coaching and Information, Advice and Guidance.

Pat set about crafting a new CV that was more than fit for purpose for applying for any such roles. The coach ensured that Pat had different CV’s that matched different roles more closely and specifically, based on Pat’s skills and experience.

Pat began applying for a variety of jobs in her local area that included receptionist, customer service, administrative and employment engagement roles with a training provider. The Motiv-8 coach continued to assist Pat by sending her additional materials to read and research, alongside practising her interview techniques.

Ongoing support was also provided with weekly telephone calls that meant Pat had all the information she needed to continue her search and help her maintain a positive mindset during this period of looking for the right job. She also undertook a First Aid Course which again will be a very useful skill for any potential future employer.

The outcome

Pat completed and gained a Level 2 Counselling certificate and followed this with a Level 2 Information, Advice and Guidance course. She proved to be an excellent student, always handing in her course work early. Her achievements here meant that her self-belief and self-confidence came on in leaps and bounds.

Pat managed to secure an interview with TDA, she set out on the day of the interview feeling fully prepared and excited for the interview. But things didn’t quite go to plan, her car broke down on the way to the interview. This would be a very stressful situation for anyone, but Pat contacted her Motiv-8 coach who called the TDA to explain that Pat was now making her way to the interview by public transport. She was still feeling anxious but the coach continued to stay in contact via text until she successfully arrived at her interview.

Pat received some excellent feedback, and her interviewer was very impressed with her CV. Unfortunately she did not have all the necessary experience with their systems. However the interviewer was so impressed he said he would share Pat’s CV within the TDA as he knew there were other vacancies.

Pat later received a call from Christine, a lady on her initial interview panel, and she invited Pat to visit her for an informal discussion about another position. Pat arrived and went down to TDA offices where she was given a job offer of Business Facilities Coordinator.

This was a truly excellent outcome for Pat and it showed that all her hard work and determination paid off. Her Motiv-8 Coach will continue to provide in work support for the foreseeable future.

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We’re proud of our success

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