The challenge

WO was a participant who wanted to work as an HGV Driver.  From the outset he was very fixed on this type of work and was very closed to considering anything other than HGV driving.

The problem was to begin working as an HGV driver, he needed to undertake specialised training to obtain a Certificate of Professional Competence, this would be achieved by attending a week long course that consisted of theory and practical assessments.  He would also need to obtain a Digital Tacho Card and pass the HGV practical driving test.

His focus was totally fixed on this one and only route and he found it very challenging to see other opportunities or ways of doing things. He would not even look for other work whilst trying to achieve these goals.

What we did

Motiv-8 worked really hard with WO and we supported him to complete the training required. At the same time we encouraged him to see that he could also consider seeking employment in a similar role that didn’t require this level of training but would give him an opportunity to gain valuable delivery driver experience.

It took a little while for him to see that this was not counterproductive to achieving his goal but would in fact be beneficial. He would be gaining experience to support future job applications whilst earning a wage. In turn his monetary situation would improve as this was beginning to cause some considerable anxiety.

The outcome

WO successfully completed most of his HGV training but didn’t achieve the final step.  He was obviously disappointed with this initial outcome but because he had started to look for other opportunities he was already in the process of applying for other non-HGV driving work. This meant he was able to overcome the setback and keep moving forward positively.

His job searching was very proactive at this point and within a couple of weeks he had secured employment as a delivery driver driving a 7.5 tonne lorry which he was able to do without the need for additional training.

He is now working full time; is less anxious and can see that he is gaining the valuable experience he will need to get his desired job in the future.  He is also proud of the fact that he will be able to fund the final stage of his HGV training, if this is something he wants to do in the future, independently using his own money.

We are all so pleased that WO benefitted from our coaches experience in helping him to open his mindset to other opportunities.

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